Fresh Yorkshire Milk

We are very proud to continue the tradition of doorstep deliveries in traditional glass bottles.


Why Doorstep Delivery?

Reduced Food Miles

All of our milk is produced on the farm by our own herd of Holstein Friesian cows.  The milk is then processed and bottled in our on-site dairy, from where it is collected by the milkman and delivered direct to the doorstep.  This means the 'food miles' are kept to the bare minimum and you can be assured that the milk you get on your doorstep is as fresh as possible.

Reduced Packaging Waste

When you return your empty milk bottles, they are washed, sterilised and scanned before being refilled for their next journey to the doorstep.  Each bottle makes an average of 13 journeys before being recycled, unlike supermarket containers that make just the one journey!

Greater Flexibilty

If the children need whole milk and Mum wants skimmed, just order a pint of each.  We are happy to deliver different combinations of milk on each delivery day.  Although most customers have a standard order each week, if you find that you have too much or too little milk, just a leave a note out for the milkman and he will adjust your order accordingly.

Added Security

While you are tucked up in bed, you can rest assured that the milkman will be keeping a watchful eye on the area.  He also knows when you are away on holiday and can report any irregularities to the authorities in your absence.


The price of a pint delivered to your doorstep is only a couple of pence more than a pint in the supermarket.  When you also get your eggs and yogurts delivered, the cost will be less than the supermarket!!  Additionally, as you will be getting smaller quantities, more frequently - you can adjust your delivery to match your consumption and you are far less likely to throw milk away.  Did we mention that there are also no delivery charges?!