Fresh Yorkshire Milk

Facts about our Herd


We have approximately 200 Holstein Friesian cows being milked each day.

In addition, there are about 30 dry cows that are due to give birth soon and another 150 heifers/calves that will eventually join the herd.


Ideally, a cow will produce its first calf at about 24 months of age and then produce a calf every 12-15 months from then on.


A newly calved cow will produce up to 50 litres of milk per day, with this figure reducing throughout the reproductive cycle.  Our average milk production is approximately 30 litres per cow per day.  We stop milking the cows about 45 days before they are due to calve, which allows the body to rest and prepare for the birth.



We inseminate most of the heifers/cows artificially with selected semen.  The heifers are served artificially at about 15 months of age and then they are placed with the bull to do his stuff should the artificial insemination fail.


The cows are inseminated approximately 60-90 days after they have calved and then every 21 days until they are confirmed in calf.