Fresh Yorkshire Milk

The Goodall Family


In 1913, at the age of 8, Thomas Dunwell Goodall started delivering milk on his way to school in 2 pint milk churns.  This milk was untreated and produced at Fearnville Farm, Oakwood Lane, by his father (also Thomas Dunwell Goodall.)


When Thomas was 14 his father passed away and with his mother's support, he started to help run the farm and delivered milk by horse and cart, using 3 gallon churns which were ladled into customer's jugs.


The family moved from Fearnville Farm to Low Gipton Farm and in 1935 started to distribute milk in glass bottles with cardboard lids.


In 1939, the family moved to Beech Grove Farm, where they have stayed to this day.  Thomas Dunwell Goodall had 2 sons, William (Billy) and James (Jimmy), who took over from their father following his death in 1967.


To conform to the ever increasing regulations imposed on the dairy industry, we started to pasteurise the milk in 1981 and found ourselves to be the only remaining farm still producing and bottling milk in Leeds.


Following Billy's retirement in 1994, Jimmy was joined by his son Edward and they developed the business further, increasing production and introducing plastic cartons in addition to glass bottles. 


In 2009, Jimmy retired and his daughter Victoria left the Royal Air Force and joined her brother Edward to continue the family business. 


Edward's son, Thomas (aged 13), is already helping his father wherever and whenever he can!